World Notes

The world is roughly like our world in the 1890’s-1900’s there’s mechanical vehicles like trains, and things. There’s no computers per se, and many of the vehicles incorporate magic instead of fossil fuels.

Magic just is, it’s more of a science than mystical, and while research is still being done, there is a great well up north on the ice caps that seems to be either an amplifier or even possibly the source of magic it’s self. Magic is available to any race and seems to be sort of an organic energy. It’s been found how to imbue many objects with magic such as wands that can cast (cantrips) magic at will.

There’s another energy or force in this world also that has been referred to by many names, the most common is soul. It seems that the gods had their power through the ability to see, interact with, and manipulate souls. It’s been said that everything has soul, trees, people, animals, even the earth and stone it’s self has soul. This is all that is known about it to date however.

To summarize, Magic acts on the world, Soul acts of the world. Magic can interact, move and destroy, Soul can react, alter and restore.

The only war I’ve written so far is about the Frensalta Civil war, see Frensa and An-Frensa. Feel free to invent one if you need it.

As for other world-events, there’s a transcontinental railroad being built from Brill City to San Anenser


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