Frensalta Civil War

The Frensalta Civil War, while short, was devastating to the area. It took place during most of the year 1100NM and split the country of Frensalta into the two countrys, Frensa, and An-Frensa.

For the longest time slavery, particularly of orcs, was legal in the country of Frensalta. These Orcs were brought from the continent of Kreiken and forced into labor on many of the farms and ranches that spotted the country.

As time went on the Orcs of these farms started to band together and rise up against their “owners” which soon led to a full scale Orcish uprising. The country quickly became split between supporting the orcs and trying to fight against the orcs.

Eventually slavery became illegal and the country was split into north and south where the south supported the freedom of orcs and the north fought for the slave trade. There is still an under ground slave trade and many officials turn a blind eye to it.

Frensalta Civil War

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