The 5 Gods

The Gods of Aelot

Aeloma – F – Creation, God Mother
Sun Wukong – M – Trickery, Humanity, Wisdom, Wind, Sky
Aurix – M – War, Retribution, Justice, Fire, Sun
Shoree – F – Music, Peace, Freedom, Water, Seas and Oceans
Varani – M – Honor, Resolve, Perseverance, Stone, Mountains
Loba – F – Invention, Intelligence, Equality, Magic, Moon

During the Reign of gods many of the people in their respective regions felt their respective gods should be ruler of all regions, despite the 5 gods making it clear there would be no fighting among the gods. The people rebelled and fought anyway, organizing their own militias and warring over the lands. Seeing that their wisdom was ignored the gods all met, and stated that they would be leaving the governance to the people if they would not listen. The people begged and begged but the gods had made their decision. They left Aelot and some think they live deep beneath the ocean.

The gods retreat left the world in pieces, people fought for control, and corruption was rampant. Eventually, however, the people organized, trying to learn from the gods examples, not always successfully. Wars came and went, land changed hands… and the Gods became bored. The gods occasionally intervened in certain matters, or wars, they would bless certain regions who stayed devout in the old ways of the gods with rains, great harvest, invention, or even empowerment in combat.

The 5 Gods

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